Review – A Brief History of Beer

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan Overall rating: ★★★★ Trish being dressed in a yellow Star Trek-style uniform, we knew there was going to be no dying in this show. Walking into the Elephant Pub, I didn’t do much research on the show prior, as I like to be kept in suspense and have the surprise element of the show unravel in front of me.

Fringe Festival review: ‘A Brief History of Beer: The New Brew’

A long time ago, on a brew-loving world not unlike our own, the evil InBev, led by Darth Bud, conspired against all who practice The Craft. In “A Brief History of Beer,” William Glenn and Trish Parry, of Astoria, New York’s Wish Experience, have returned to take us back in time in their spacecraft Xythos.

No moral compass

The Elephant British Pub, until March 19 Trish Parry has had an interesting life. She discovered sex at a young age, became a goth, was a Satanist for a while and never really found her place in the world.

Tampa joins fringe festival circuit with new weekend event

Tampa International Fringe Festival will feature 29 productions presented in four venues in Ybor City For the first Tampa International Fringe Festival, organizers and patrons are entering uncharted waters. But experimentation is part of the fun at such theatrical marathons.

Tampa International Fringe Festival: A night full of quickies

Jennifer Ring The first Tampa International Fringe Festival kicked off last night at CL Space with a preview of 27 of 29 shows, all presented in excerpts of about 5 minutes each, co-hosted by the indefatigable (well, probably pretty fatigued by now) co-producers Will Glenn and Trish Parry.

Anything goes at the first-ever Tampa International Fringe Festival

Transforming Ybor City from abandoned warehouses to the bohemian, artsy district it is today took decades. Another quantum leap in that direction could take just a weekend. The Tampa International Fringe Festival, a brand-new event, aims to turn revelers into repeat customers for what could turn out to be the most eclectic group performers this area has ever seen.