Smut Slam

A storytelling open mic where you can enjoy hearing the exploits of others – or tell your own. You know what a poetry slam is, and maybe you know about story slams, but this is SMUT SLAM!

Huge all over North America, come join in the story-orgy that has finally arrived in NYC, and is here to stay! Whether you’re an exhibitionist or voyeur, mono or poly, old-fashioned or new, you’ll feel right at home in this community of open minds and open hearts.

RULES: – no notes (this is storytelling) – no costumes or props (this is not theatre) – only five minutes (with a one-minute grace period) AND – the story must be real and have happened to you. Stories often are funny and/or epic win, but we want to encourage people to consider sharing their sad, disturbing, poignant, serious, simple and/or “fail” experiences, too.

Oh and there’re PRIZES, did we mention that? At the end of each show storytellers will win sexy prizes, and one lucky confession from the Fuckbucket will win a very special toy from our sponsor Njoy!

NOT A SMUT SLAMMER? Don’t worry. The audience is in for a good time at SMUT SLAM! Sit back and enjoy. All we ask is: – No interrupting. – No heckling. – No necking in the front row. 18 and over please!

TAKE NOTE: Smut Slam is queer-friendly, kink-friendly AND vanilla-friendly, fat-friendly, poly-friendly… we are very friendly. We welcome people with all types and amounts of sexual experiences to our space. We _don’t_ welcome stories involving racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, or any other discrimination, fetishization, or objectification. Also, CONSENT IS KEY.

SMUT SLAM was CREATED by Cameryn Moore, an award-winning playwright/performer, sex activist and educator. When not performing, taking calls, or actually having sex herself, Cameryn writes Sidewalk Smut: custom type-written pornography as street performance and literary art. Find Cameryn being NSFW on Facebook, or at

Smut Slam NYC is hosted by fringe performer/storyteller Trish Parry in association with Trish Tales, monthly at the Three of Cups in the heart of the East Village.

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