A Brief History of Beer

RIP IT UPAdelaide Fringe 2014

★★★★1/2 “It’s a heavenly little show: fun, funny and factual, tightly directed by Jeffrey Mayhew to keep spirits a-bubble from the first sparkling draught to the last speck of froth. So charge your glasses for a memorable splash that will refresh the most jaded Fringe palate.” (BHoB)

Trish is a co-founder and producer of Wish Experience, a performing arts company created in London in 2011. Wish has toured extensively with their flag-ship show, A Brief History of Beer, created by Trish and William Glenn, the original directed by Jeffrey Mayhew. The show has been all over the world multiple times: Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Orlando Fringe 2014 & 16, Cincy Fringe 2014, Adelaide Fringe 2014, 16, & 17, Winnipeg Fringe 2016, 17, Berlin, Cardiff, Auckland, Los Angelos, Tampa, and has been a resident show at UNDER St Marks in the East Village of NYC for the past three seasons.

Photo Courtesy of Drew King Photography



ORLANDO SENTINEL Orlando Fringe 2016

“Are they drunk? Are we? Who cares!” (BHoB)




Wish Experience’s other creations have included The Awesome Show, a journey made with the audience each night to discover the meaning of “awesome”, Mend, a 1 on 1 performance of a bespoke childhood sickday, and Servin’ Up Georgia: The Myth of the American South.

For more info on Wish, check out their website here.

Or for tickets to their NYC shows, please visit Frigid New York @ Horse Trade HERE.

From “The Awesome Show” Edinburgh 2012 Photo Courtesy Richard Winpenny