Trish Tales

Trish tells stories. A lot. So she started telling them on the stage, throwing caution to the wind and making her life an open book, for the public.

She has been featured on TALE, VHS Presents, Cranker Comedy, Surprise Stories, VideoTALE, Wax: Stories on Vinyl, and besides showing her face randomly at open mics across NYC, she also hosts the NYC franchise of Cameryn Moore’s Smut Slam! More on that HERE.

Trish also has toured two solo shows, below, and is currently writing the second in her personal trilogy, The Waffle House Daze. Stay tuned for more on that!

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Currently touring :


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Is today just another phase? Trish Parry has been trying to figure it out her whole life, as she’s been dragged from town to town by her conservative military family. Come find out what drove her to rebel against it all, the story of a latchkey kid, the girl the cops thought was a prostitute in rural Georgia, just an average teenager who turned to the Devil.

“Trish has led an exceptional life that she willingly shares with the crowd – gory details and all…We demand a part 2!” ( – Alex Craddock)

“Parry is genuine and enjoyable to watch. She’s charming, down to earth, and her enthusiasm for performing draws the crowd in and makes us comfortable – even as she talks about satanic books and niche kinks. She is frank and unapologetic, and impossible not to like.” (Great Scott – Sarah Tynan)

No Moral Compass first premiered at Gotham Storytelling Festival in NYC, and is an hour of storytelling where Trish explores her colorful upbringing with the audience, trying to figure out where things went wrong (or right!). Through old English assignments, stories, and a nostalgic pop music soundscape, Trish will be digging up the past to find the correlations with the present. Is there a connection between watching Elvira at eight years old and becoming a goth? And of course, the question all of us are asking, is Trish normal? What is normal anyway?

“the woman sure does have a talent for poetry …

If you’re easily offended, this might not be the show for you, but if you’re brave and into quality storytelling, this mixed media performance may be right up your alley.” (The Advertiser – Tom Bowden)


Past shows:


Photo Courtesy of KL Thomas

Have you ever wanted to go to Incredible India? Have you gotten your shots? Will you survive the Indian Trial? 12 days of methanol poisoning, beautiful beaches, seedy clubs, and yoga in 1 hour. Discover an unexpected sort of enlightenment with Trish Parry, as she takes you through her fast paced journey through a developing perspective.